Version 1.0, 5 August 2010

Copyright (C) 2010 Antonio Carlos Domí­nguez-Brito, Francisco Jesús Santana-Jorge
(An updated copy of this file can be found in <>)

This license has been inspired by the GNU Autoconf Configure Script Exception License
which is copyrighted by the Free Software Foundation, Inc. <>. For further
information see <>.

Everyone is permitted to copy and distribute verbatim copies of this license document,
but changing it is not allowed.

This Exception is an additional permission under section 7 of the GNU General Public 
License, version 3 ("GPLv3"). It applies to a given file that bears a  notice placed
by the copyright holder of the file stating that the file is governed by GPLv3 along
with this Exception.

The purpose of this Exception is to allow distribution of CoolBOT Compiler's (coolbot-c
and coolbot-ske) typical output under terms of the recipient's choice (including proprietary).

0. Definitions.
"Covered Code" is the source or object code of a any version of the CoolBOT Project 
including the CoolBOT Compiler itself (coolbot-c and coolbot-ske) that is a covered 
work under this License.

"Normally Copied Code" for a version of coolbot-c (and coolbot-ske) means all parts of 
its Covered Code  which that version can copy from the CoolBOT Project to its output. 
"Normally Copied  Code" is what in CoolBOT terminolgy we know as the C++ skeletons  
coolbot-c generates from coolbot-c source description language (including the templates
coolbot-ske also generates).

"Ineligible Code" is Covered Code that is not Normally Copied Code.

1. Grant of Additional Permission.
You have permission to propagate output of coolbot-c and coolbot-ske, even if such 
propagation would otherwise violate the terms of GPLv3. However, if by modifying the
CoolBOT Project (including the CoolBOT Compiler coolbot-c and coolbot-ske) you cause any 
Ineligible Code of the version you received to become Normally Copied Code of your 
modified version, then you void this Exception for the resulting covered work. If you 
convey that resulting covered work, you must remove this Exception in accordance with 
the second paragraph of Section 7 of GPLv3.

2. No Weakening of the CoolBOT Project (including the CoolBOT Compiler coolbot-c and 
coolbot-ske) Copyleft.
The availability of this Exception does not imply any general presumption that third-party 
software is unaffected by the copyleft requirements of the license of the CoolBOT Project.