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Here we will try to register ideas and future tasks in relation to improve CoolBOT in some aspect or facility.

October 19th 2012


- Use boost's Program Options library to parse command line options in integrations.

- Network support:
  * Create an abstraction network layer to isolate the current implementation for DC3P using the ACE library.
  * Create an implementation for DC3P using boos's libraries Asio and Serialization.
  * Create a dynamic name service and an instantiation service for distributed components.
  * Add the UDP protocol for ICC through network TCP/IP connections.
  * Complete the echo protocol.
  * Decouple the network thread from software compenents internals.

- Create a new implementation layer for CoolBOT::Thread using boost's library Thread.

- Implement a MultiPoster and a MultiFifo input ports.

- Implement RABoxes (Request/Answer) for components.

- Make more transparent the thread support for components.

- Decouple coolbot-c's output from future changes in CoolBOT.

- Develop a Python interpreter for integrations.