CoolBOT's Secure Navigation System (SNS) bundle -  coolbot-sns-bundle

This bundle integrates a Secure Navigation System for a typical mobile robot, in fact it was concretely
developed for a Pioneer 3 DX mobile robot. This bundle includes:

1. Components:
1.1. Component PlayerRobot. This is a component which abstract the hardware available on the robot using Player/Stage project
1.2 Component GridMap. This component builds a short term map of the surroundings of the robot while moving. For building that map it
uses laser scans and robot odometry. Using the map it generates a virtual polar scan for navigation.
1.3. Component ND. Implements the ND algorithm for obstacle avoidance (<>)
1.4. Component Planner. Implements a variation of planning algorithm NF2 in Latombe's Robot Motion Planning book.

2.1. View PlayerRobotView. Graphical view for the robotic sensors (laser, sonars, odometry and battery), and for controlling robot
movements at low level.
2.2. View GridMapView. It shows the navigation map, the virtual scan, and the current planned path the robot is following. It is
possible to command the robot to go to a specific goal in the map using this view.
2.3. View NDView. Shows obstacle avoidance ND algorithm information when running.
2.4. View PlannerView. Shows information about planning algorithm NF2 when running.
2.5. View SphereView. It is a graphical interface for a Logitech Sphere camera.
2.6. View RasterView. Show ND's algorithm information, specifically the areas checked for candidate valleys.

3. Packets:
3.1. Packets PlayerRobotPackets. Port packets mainly used by component PlayerRobot.
3.2. Packets GridMapPackets. Packets mainly used by component GridMap.
3.3. Packets NDPackets. The same for component ND.
3.4. Packets PlannerPackets. An for component Planner.

4. Integrations:
4.1. Integration sns. Integrates the SNS system in a sole application.
4.2. Integrations sns-components and sns-views. Integrates the SNS system using a distributed application make of two integrations, one
only with component instances, and the other one just including view instances.

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